Brazilian Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua

The Embassy of Brazil in Managua, Nicaragua is the official representative body of the Brazilian Government in Nicaragua. Here you can find all the related information about Brazilian Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua such as address, email, phone numbers, office hours…

Address: Embassy of Brazil in Managua, Nicaragua
Carretera Sur, Km. 7 3/4, Quinta Los Pinos
Apartado Postal: 264
Phone: (+505) 2265-0035
Fax: (+505) 2265-2206
Office hours: 08.00-17.00
Head of Mission:
Mr Luiz Felipe Mendonça Filho, Ambassador

Please contact the Embassy of Brazil in Managua, Nicaragua directly for inquiries and questions regarding visa regulations and passport requirements. Note that the embassy may not be able to assist. Please contact the embassy to verify address and opening hours.


#1. Amazon Rainforest and Amazon River

First up on our list of What is Brazil famous for is the Amazon. You probably know that Amazon Rainforest is spread across 9 countries in South America. But did you know that more than half of it has its presence in Brazil? That is correct! Almost 60% of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil. Brazil is also home to the Amazon River, one of the mightiest rivers in the world.

#2. New 7 Wonders of the World: Christ the Redeemer

Brazil is home to a New 7 Wonders of the World: Christ the Redeemer Statue. Located at the summit of Mount Corcovado in Rio De Janeiro, it was completed in1931. This magnificent structure stands 98 feet tall, weighs about 635 tonnes and is the largest Art Deco-style sculpture in the world!

#3. Caipirinhas cocktail

Brazil’s national cocktail ― the Caipirinha ― might be just what you are looking for! if you are bored with the regular Mojitos or Margaritas, try this simple cocktail made of cachaça, lime and sugar.

#4. Carnival

Of course Carnival would be on a list titled What is Brazil Famous for!!! Brazil’s Carnival is the most famous celebrated carnival festival in the world.

#5. Soccer

Next up on our list of What is Brazil Famous For is Football. Soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil with the National Team consistently among the best in the world. Every Brazilian city has at least one soccer stadium. The national football (soccer) team of Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup a record five times.

#6. Impressive Architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Known for its impressive and astounding Architecture, and mesmerizing natural wonders, Brazil has more than 15 UNESCO recognized World Heritage Culture Sites and more than 5 UNESCO recognized World Heritage Nature Sites. These must-see place in Brazil are including:

Cultural: Brasilia, Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia, Historic Centre of São Luís, Historic Centre of the Town of Diamantina, Historic Centre of the Town of Goiás, Historic Centre of the Town of Olinda, Historic Town of Ouro Preto and many more!

Natural: Iguaçu National Park, Pantanal Conservation Area, Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves and more.

#7. Gorgeous Coastlines and Beaches

If you are looking to experience exotic beach location, Brazil is a great destination. It is said that Brazil has the largest coastline in the world at 4,655 miles

#8. Colorful Cities

Next up on our list of What is Brazil Famous for are the rich and beautiful cities. Brazil has hundreds of towns and cities for travelers to visit and enjoy, and across the country

#9. Samba

Next up on our list of What is Brazil Famous for is… Samba! While Brazil’s most popular sport, its national rhythm is Samba.

#10. National Parks

Last up on our list of What is Brazil Famous for is National Parks! Brazil is the most bio-diverse nation on the planet, having an amazing variety of plants and animals. Brazil is home to 69 national parks, featuring impressive rock formations, massive mountain ranges, incredible waterfalls and more.


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